Saturday, 18 April 2015

ASOS Wish List!

If you know me personally you would probably know that I have a small obsession with ASOS. It has everything you could ever dream of available to buy! To assist in my addiction (oops) I subscribed to the ASOS premium, which means free next day UK delivery for a whole year amongst a few other perks!

ASOS also have a wish list function on their site. These are a few pieces I have on my list that I wished to share with you. I have included all the links below so you can easily access these beautiful pieces.

Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Smoothie recipe ideas

Out of my Christmas money this year I decided to buy a smoothie maker to encourage me to eat healthier for the new year and I have become obsessed with it. I've had a blender in the past but its just so difficult to clean and it didn't crush ice particularly well, so I wanted something that was easy to clean and had powerful blades. I came across this...

Blend Active Personal Blender

It allows you to blend your smoothie straight into the bottle for quick and on the go healthy goodness! The bottles are completely spill-free and I use the extra one as a water bottle, so its great for that too!

The good thing about this smoothie blender is that it doesn't require much time to completely blend all the ingredients. It may be a little loud but due to the small amount of time it needs to blend everything this is not a problem. 

My top three current favourite smoothie recipes 

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Current favourite accessory

I'm usually quite boring when it comes to accessories especially earrings. I used to wear the same pair of small hoops from h&m every day and every night out. It was about a month ago when I decided to throw them away as their colour wasn't the same anymore due to over-wearing them. I have only just got round to buying a replacement pair of earrings. I couldn't find a similar pair anywhere so I thought that was a sign that I should probably move away from my comfort zone of small hoops. 

Then I came across the most unusual earrings and I fell in love. So far I have two pairs, both from River Island, but I have my eye on a pair from Topshop too. 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

2 Lush bath bomb reviews!

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves seeing in the new year, I sure did. 

For Christmas this year I got two bath bombs from Lush and as we all know they are fab but very pricey so I was glad I got two that I had never used before to try out. 

The first one was called Northern Lights and I would have to say out of all of the bath bombs I have used this one was the prettiest. It changed colours and fizzed around the bath and after it had all dissolved (after about 10 minutes) my bath water was purple. One of my favourite colours. It also smelt lush (see what I did there?)
I recommend this one to all the bath lovers out there.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

New Years Eve Outfit Ideas

Christmas is right around the corner which means that so is the new year! If you're like me and you love celebrating the new year then you're probably already looking for an outfit to wear. I have been browsing the internet the past few days picking out my favourites. Below are just a couple of items that I think are wonderful pieces for any party or new years dinner. Ive included the links below so you can easily find the item if you like it and want to find out more about it! 

Hope you enjoy.


Thursday, 4 December 2014

My Next Christmas Wish List!

So its that time of year again, Christmas time!!! How very exciting!  I already have my eye on a few things that I'm hoping will make their way into my life on the 25th or will magically be in my size in the boxing day sales! So I've decided to make a list of my favourite items from Next and share them with you. So here goes...

My #NextmasWishlist

First on my #NextmasWishlist are the fabulous over the knee rider boots. I have been looking for some over the knee boots and just haven't found the perfect pair, but look how amazing these ones are. AND at only £58 what could go wrong?