Tuesday, 30 September 2014


I'm back! 

Sorry to be away for so long but I have had millions of things to do and haven't had enough time to blog (ahhhh). Just because I wasn't actually blogging doesn't mean I wasn't still reading my favourite blogs and watching my favourite YouTube bloggers. I now have a list full of posts I can't wait to post. But first I'll update you on what I have been these past few weeks. After doing my dissertation research, catching up with my friends in Serbia and going to Exit Festival (which I highly recommend you go to at least once in your life), I got a job. It was my first retail job and I really enjoyed it. Seeing as it was only a temporary job it was over before I knew it. Then came third year of uni. It started off with a bang... a trip to New York City. It was a very busy 10 days but I loved every minute of it. Anyway we had some free time and of course I went shopping. So to cut a long story short my first post back is about the things I brought in The Big Apple.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

LOREAL Sublime Bronze self-tanning elixir review

Hey guys this post is a review on the new Loreal Paris self-tanning elixir. 
I brought this product as it looked interesting and was on offer in boots. Even though it is summer I just don't have the patience to sit outside and tan so faking it is always a must for me. Once I purchased it I decided to look up its reviews. They were all bad. Thankfully I did look up the reviews otherwise my body would be in a right state right now. In the end I only decided to try it out on my legs.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

TIP - for hair that is constantly knotty

If you have extremely knotty hair, like me and if you're one of those people who spend hours and hours brushing and 2 minutes later its one giant fur ball again, like me. Well I suggest buying the LO'real de-tangler spray. 

Yes I know... it is for kids. But it works! 
Obviously it doesn't prevent your hair from getting all tangled up but it helps speed up the brushing process.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Current favourite lipsticks

I have come to understand that I have a slight obsession with lipsticks and seeing that I have a few that I adore I thought I would share them with you!

First there is my newest addition to the collection, Mac's matte lipstick in Chilli. My friend had this exact lipstick and I borrowed it all the time so I finally decided to buy my own! It is easily applied and lasts for a good few hours before you need to reapply. It also tastes and smells so good which is a bonus. It costs 15 pound and you can get it from your nearest mac store and in some department stores such as Fenwick. 


Sunday, 25 May 2014

The day I turned into a zombie...

This post is going to be a tutorial on how to create a zombie look by using regular shop bought makeup. It is pretty easy and doesn't take long at all. The reason for this post is because my flatmate needed to take pictures of me dressed as a zombie for inspiration for her uni project. So lets get started!

The Make-up
I used a little bit of white face paint to make myself look a little bit pale (not too much as I didn't want it to look obvious) and then concealer for any areas that needed covering up! For the eyes I basically did a smokey eye but without looking in the mirror and made it extra messy (just moved the brush around in any direction on my eye socket, the messier the better). For my cheeks, instead of using my Sleek contouring palette I used dark eyeshadow so that my cheeks looked hollow and creepy! I also dragged the last of the eyeshadow left on the brushes that I used down the sides of my nose (don't know why but it seemed to work). Eyebrow routine was the same as always but I used a darker colour to bring them out.
So if you want to look even more zombie-fied than you already do, you can add some cuts and bruises. To do this, I used eyelash glue and dabbed it around the corner of my mouth and on my cheek bone. Once it is dry try to pick some off (not all) so that the texture is uneven and flaky. Then I added some random colours of eyeshadow on top of the glue (browns, blacks) so it stood out but blended at the same time. Right in the centre I added a dab of red lipstick (try to play around with the colours and amount of lipstick/shadow you use as it can vary at times).

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Guess what guys, just got nominated for the 'Very Inspiring Blogger Award' by Doodles and Daydreams. Thanks Beth for nominating me for this award it means a lot! Everyone go and check out Beths blog it is awesome! 

What is this award I hear you say?!

1. Link the person who nominated you in your post
2. List the rules and display the award
3. Share 7 facts about yourself
4. Nominate 15 other blogs and link them in your post
5. Let them know you've nominated them!

So here goes...